by Julia aka firemajic Your lascivious stare strips me naked revealing secrets hidden under my jeans I see myself in the narrowness of your

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Bohemian Dream

There has to be an answer, he sang, as he watched the fireflies dance. The promise of eternity shone in a weed and mushroom

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bullish rhetoric excavating foundations to build upon sand each brick in the wall demolishing decency building barricades civility pared layer by layer exposed like

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Lakota Rose – L.G.Cullens

Lakota Rose Long ago, when our dawning world first shown, the prairie’s grass and sage mantle was bleak. Mother Earth disdained her robe’s lack

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The Dirt

by Gumby The cold no longer touched her even when he did she’d moved beyond his ego straight into her id. Buried under layers

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Grave Digger

by am_hammy Can you dig me up? Bag my bones so carefully, gently ‘round my skull.

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