About Us

It begins with an idea.

Showcase began as one part of a two-pronged idea for helping our Tavern members and furthering the aims of the WF mission. Over time, things changed (as they do): Motley Press closed; other movers and shakers – our Media team – got involved, developed, and ran with a new, broader Showcase concept.

Showcase is not an e-zine, not an attempt to out-WiF Wifs. Rather, it is our own gallery and book store (much needed since Amazon shut theirs down). It is a visible repository of our best writers and creative artists. It takes the old BookStore and the Emporium and the best of the buried and new examples of creative works and holds them up to the light.

Showcase is our chance to shine brighter, to expose the creative ideas of WF members beyond the confines of our community forum.

The bridge between the forum and Showcase – and WiFs, and our Media Team, and our podcasts, and our social media platforms, and our members’ own web sites and online presence – is Beyond the Forum (BtF).

BtF is where members and our media team members can come together to share ideas, recommend members’ works or sites for our media outlets, or discuss what our media people are doing and could be doing in the future.

BtF pulled together our Blogroll, bragging rights (publishing and competition wins), new media and social media efforts, and provides a visible forum space for our media team